Enrollment By Mail

For those that prefer to send their Application, Personal Background Form and Enrollment Fee by postal mail, please follow the steps below:

Please note that sending your enrollment materials by postal mail is the slowest method. Allow up to 3-weeks complete your enrollment by mail, depending on your location and the speed of the postal service.

To complete and submit you Degree Program Enrollment Forms by postal mail,
click the link below to print a copy of the Application Form. This is a PDF formatted file and will open in a NEW window.*

Step 1:
Click Here To Print, Complete and Submit the Application Form by Mail or FAX

Step 2:
Include a personal check or bank money order (U.S. Students Only) or print and complete a credit card payment form for the amount of US$95.00

If you need a credit card payment form, please click here (opens in a NEW window).

Please write "$95 Deposit" on the top of the form prior to sending.

Step 3:
Prepare and Include Your Personal Background Form

The Personal Background form is similar to CV (curriculum vitae) or Resumé, but may be presented in a less formal manner.

ICMT is most interested in your past experience (education, workshops, work, etc.), reading and/or research you have done, as well as details about your own goals related to the field of Metaphysics.

When writing, keep in mind that your submitted Personal Background Form has a dual-purpose. The first is to evaluate and organize your past education, work and other life experience in order to prepare your entrance as a new student into the ICMT Degree Program.

The second purpose of your Personal Background Form is to help your College Advisor(s) to guide you toward a degree-focus that is best suited for you, based on your past experience, current interests and future goals. Please write with this in mind.


How To Submit Your Personal Background Form To the College

This document should be formatted as follows:

a) Try to keep your background form to about one 8.5" x 11" page in length.

b) Please make sure that the information is clearly presented and easily read by the faculty.

c) Make sure that your full name and mailing address is centered at the top of the page.

d) If possible, separate the Personal Background Form into four distinct sections - Education / Work / Related Experience / Goals.

Additional mailing instructions are also included on the application form.

The mailing address of the college is:

International College of Metaphysical Theology
8000 N.E. Parkway, Suite 200
Vancouver, WA 98662 USA

Tips for sending your enrollment forms by mail:

a) Please make sure to notify the Admissions Office in advance of sending your enrollment forms. In this way, we can notify you if we do not receive them within the typical time-period. To notify Admissions: Send an e-mail to: admissions@metaphysicscollege.com - along with your full name, address, date sent and method of mailing.

b) When sending by mail, you are strongly encouraged to use USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (or its equivalent outside of the USA). The college is not responsible for materials lost in the mail. Having delivery confirmation allows both you and the college to track and confirm delivery.

c) Please allow up to three-weeks to complete your enrollment by postal mail sent from most locations. For some, this time period could take even longer depending upon the speed of the mail service in your part of the world.

* To view and print the application form, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Most newer computers will already have this installed. If you are not able to view the form, please Visit the Adobe Website to download a free copy of the newest version.