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Online Enrollment Form for Single Degree Programs

** IMPORTANT: This online form is for degree program applications ONLY - and should not be used for any other purpose. In accordance with the ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES IN GLOBAL AND NATIONAL COMMERCE ACT of 2000 (E-Sign) your electronic signature (or mark) on this application constitutes a legal and binding agreement with the college. By digitally signing your name to this form, you certifiy that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth by the college. Do not use this form to submit program inquiries.

For questions, please e-mail:

STEP 1 (of 2) - Total Estimated Time To Completion: 15 - 30 Minutes

Instructions: Please complete the online form below being careful NOT to hit the ENTER key until you have fully completed the form on this page.

Note: Please note that some e-mail providers are very aggressive about filtering e-mail. To help ensure all college-related e-mail gets through, please add and to your safe-list.

Please be concise when entering your information on this application form. You will have the chance to expand on background and goals by submitting more detailed biographical information upon acceptance into the program.

The online enrollment process consists of 2 STEPS as follows:

STEP 1: Completion of the requested information on this page.

STEP 2: Online payment of your Enrollment Fee (US$95)

Please begin now with STEP 1:

IMPORTANT: Please check over your enrollment form answers carefully before proceeding to STEP 2. You cannot return to this page once submitted
(see common online enrollment questions below)

Common Online Enrollment Questions:

Q) Why should I submit my enrollment online?

A) Our online enrollment system offers convenience, speed and security.

Q) Is it safe to send my enrollment and payment over the Internet?

A) For safety reasons, our online enrollment system is divided into two parts - this initial enrollment form, and the enrollment fee page. Each section is sent directly to the admissions office separately and in a way that greatly limits any security risk.The information on this page is sent as an e-mail file to a secure mail account within our offices - Your enrollment and tuition fee payments are processed via a secure, encrypted server connection.

Q) I don't have a credit card, can I pay online by personal check?

A) In many cases, yes. If that option is available to you from your location, it will be listed on the payment page during checkout. Also, those with a PayPal account will be able to make payments directly from their checking account provided they have already verified their bank information with PayPal.

Q) What if I lose my Internet connection during the enrollment process?

A) Once you have submitted the form on this page, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will include instructions and links to the Step 2 page so you can go back and complete your enrollment once your Internet connection returns. The Admissions Office will also receive immediate notification once you have submitted the information from Step 1. We can then contact you to see if you need any assistance in completing your online enrollment.

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The Washington Student Achievement Council has determined that International College of Metaphysical Theology qualifies for religious exempt status from the Degree-Granting Institutions Act for the following programs:

Bachelor of Metaphysical Theology (B.MT.)
Master of Metaphysical Theology (M.MT.)
Doctor of Metaphysical Theology (D.MT.)
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
Doctor of Divinity (D.D.)

 The Council makes no evaluation of the administration, faculty, business practices, financial condition or quality of the offerings by this institution.  Any person desiring information about the requirements of the act or the applicability of those requirements to the institution may contact the Council at P.O.Box 43430, Olympia, WA 98505-3430 - or visit them online:

(ICMT is listed within the "Seminaries & Related Programs" category).


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