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Student Testimonials

ICMT is a new direction in Metaphysical study and growth. The testimonials shown below will provide unique insight into the educational paths of some of our students.

"Excellent program! Wonderful communication with a highly professional academic staff. All assignments are graded quickly and thoroughly. You will not feel left behind. Although at first I was somewhat skeptical of the teaching approach used, the Socratic Method actually helped to ingrain all of the information presented. And what an enormous amount of information from an incredibly wide range of metaphysical subject matter!

I explored areas of study I had never thought of before from angles never previously
imagined. You will know more about metaphysics and metaphysical history after finishing the Bachelors course at ICMT than students at other, more traditional theological or spiritual schools and colleges. Definitely worth the time and effort. But don't take my word for it. Discover it for yourself!"

Kurt Brown - USA

"Recently I completed the Bachelors Degree Program in Metaphysics with the International College of Metaphysical Theology (ICMT) and am so happy to have discovered them on the Internet a couple of years ago, even though it was on the other side of the world! (I live in Australia). In my time with them I feel I have been blessed with a genuine leader in the expertise and teaching of Metaphysics and associating Metaphysical Principles.

I have found through personal and academic experience that the team at the
International College of Metaphysical Theology (ICMT) has an approach to the *"open learning"* concept that is far superior to any other I have engaged in myself.  With them I have been able to explore freely the various channels of Metaphysics that with their expertise in this field have been able to make possible for myself and other students.  I have also found ICMT have proved their claims to be genuine in all respects. Team members have always been friendly, prompt and very helpful with any inquiry I had. Course fees are student-friendly and the team at ICMT are more than happy to assist with financing your tuition by way of installment plans that are very flexible and affordable.

My Tutor has been there every step of the way for me on my Journey of Learning! He has been there at almost a moments notice with a promptness that few can boast of. During my Bachelors Degree Course my Tutor offered much guidance, valued input and feedback and made great effort to ensure I understood the concepts of what I had learned.

Metaphysical principles teach and encourage us to look much deeper than the surface of all things, giving us the opportunity to see "reality" above and beyond.

Many thanks to my Tutor at ICMT who will again accompany me on the next leg of my Learning Journey; the Masters Degree.

May many Blessings, much Light & God's Love shine over the team at International College of Metaphysical Theology (ICMT), thank you all, especially to my Tutor, "MG"."

Vicki Grech - Australia

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"Without hesitation, I would recommend the Bachelors of Metaphysical Theology degree from ICMT. The course work has been beautifully designed to explore; the foundations of classical metaphysics, religion and spirituality and contemporary points of view on reality. My professor was of incredible assistance in opening up new concepts and ideas within the prescribed areas, presented with a deep understanding and objectivity that I have rarely found elsewhere. All correspondence was handled efficiently and promptly with support academically and administratively only an e-mail away.

This degree differs from others that I have completed in that by nature, metaphysics is subjective, and I was encouraged to read, interpret and express my own concepts and ideas freely. I very much look forward to continuing my Master and Doctoral degrees with ICMT."

Charles Black - St. Francis Bay, South Africa

"My experience in the Bachelors degree program at ICMT has been unexpectedly positive and empowering.  I did not finish college (many years ago) and have always dreamed of studying theology and maybe becoming a Chaplin or minister. I am also very interested in why we are here and our purpose.

I work full time so I searched for online schools of Metaphysics and Theology. My personal orientation is non-denominational. Several schools I found were either wholly religious or New Age oriented. More searching and one day ICMT appeared and sounded just perfect for me. I love to write and the school said it is "writing intensive".
This is very true. It is intensive. In total, I wrote thirteen papers in about nine months. Of course I read that many books and so many more, and watched documentaries and interviews inspired by the studies. Talk about stretching your brain!

Through the Bachelors degree process, I have learned to think for myself. It is surprising how many of us are all thinking alike. The Bachelors curriculum contains the most wonderful and consciousness expanding literature! Several of my friends have become interested in Metaphysics through my excited and knowledgeable conversations with them.

The ICMT advisors/instructors are highly educated, with strong spiritual values, and are always responsive and supportive.

I would not say the work is easy. I would say that through this work I have grown immensely: emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.  This is the best investment in myself I have made in my adult life.

Now I am preparing to begin the Masters Thesis. ICMT helps me grow and feel wonderful about myself, humanity, and our world.  Honored and respected is a definition of the word blessed.  Enrollment at ICMT makes me feel blessed."

Saretta Wool, B.MT. - USA

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"I was a desperate senior citizen (70 years old) who had lost, it seemed, the last vestige of spiritual awareness from my consciousness; I felt doomed.  I remember the day I sat feeling emotionally withered. From somewhere inside an idea came to me and I Googled Metaphysics Colleges and the ICMT link came up.

I called and Dr. Jim Grant answered. I poured out my desperate emotions and he listened.  I told him of my plight and asked if the study of Metaphysics might help.  He told me he was confident that serious study of Metaphysics would benefit and assuage my desperation. I earned my doctorate during the Spring of 2013.  The program saved me from a life of quiet despair.  

During my course of study the spirituality that lay dormant in me was energized and brought me to a place of knowing rather than believing.  Words fail when I've attempted to explain to friends what transpired in my spirit. I just know that I was transformed by my work.  I offer a hint to those who can relate to the feelings and soul sickness I had back then: we have passed from The Piscean Age and are in The Aquarian Age; we have moved from The Age of Believing into The Age of Knowing and a dark night of the soul is the price of admission.

I pray that serious ICMT students will make a transition to a more satisfying and rewarding spiritual life.


Del Cornette, B.A., M.MT., D.Min. - USA

"To study the Bachelor of Metaphysics Degree course has been something of an
extraordinary twelve months as I have researched each subject and made academic progress, faced my own ignorance, and recognised my own boundaries and limitations.  I have felt the stretch and the pressing to open up to deeper meaning, and to open up to the significance, especially the esoteric significance, of the teachings of the wisdom. As well as my own research and writing, much of my learning experience came from my supervisor, Dr. Gustafson. I had a wonderful series of interactions via email after each module. The guidance given throughout the course was invaluable as I navigated my way through various religions and philosophies. The greatest compliment I can give is to say that I have changed, transformed, and that I ask more questions and open myself to varied responses for consideration....and continue to do so as I continue my studies."

Jane Wilson - Australia

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"When I was truly ready to take my studies and my practice to a higher degree of understanding and awareness, I began to intensely research all degree programs that would align with my focus.  Through many many weeks of research, I whittled away thru the appropriate schools in order to make the wisest choice in my commitment to a degree program.  Alongside world renowned universities in the UK, I continuously found myself coming back to ICMT as the college that most imbued my true desires in study.  

The process of studying for and receiving a doctorate is one I hold in high regard; I
come from a long line of doctors and family members with PhD's and while I felt a calling to commit to that level of study, I was determined to be true to my own nature in doing so.  It became clear to me that it would be here at ICMT that I would evolve into the practitioner that I have been moving towards over these last 20 years of study.  I was drawn to the curriculum, to the energy of ICMT and to aligning myself with those who run the college. Over the course of the next few years I trust that I will expand considerably thru my studies and with that will come a deeper knowing, a wiser woman, and a stronger connection to all that is.  I will continue to run my practice after completing my doctorate at ICMT, all the while becoming a clearer vessel as I hold a strong and loving space for others."

Many blessings,

~ Kaeleya Rayne - California, USA ~

"I am an avid student of Metaphysics, seeking wisdom and insights that can be applied to all aspects of life.  After several years of “going it alone” in my research, I sought out a program that would not only take my studies to the next level, but would not force me towards a specific set of beliefs or dogma.  

After searching through all of the options offered by both the traditional as well as the online possibilities, I elected to apply to the ICMT degree program.  ICMT's non-denominational and open-minded approach to a Metaphysical education was exactly right for me.  My ICMT degree program has helped me to broaden my approach to the everyday aspects of life, such as meditation and stress reduction; changed how I approach difficult topics and meetings at work; and has given me a better understanding of the basic principles of Metaphysics.  My ICMT program has also greatly enhanced my avocation of expanding spiritual consciousness and enhanced my teaching of energy healing. 

My interactions with my student advisor and other members of the ICMT staff have been prompt and informational and I have enjoyed getting to know them, as well as other students, in the many forums available to us.   Joining the ICMT Degree program has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Warm Regards,

~ Jim Smith - USA ~

"During the past two decades I have explored my spirituality through the many aspects of holistic healing; including energy medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicines and practices. I am also living proof of the adage that, "when the student is ready, the teacher appears." So when it was time to pull all these experiences together into a meaningful degree, ICMT became a very welcome part of my life. I am grateful to the Faculty and Staff at ICMT for the ease with which the programs are set up on line and particularly grateful to Dr. Grant for his limitless patience. 

As Creative Directors of Twin Flame Creations Inc., my wife and I are currently taking our Energy School for Healing & Enlightenment into the mainstream community, including the traditional nursing and massage healing professions. My ICMT degree is helping me open doors that would otherwise be closed." 


~ Dr. Steve Hudson, D.MT., P.Eng., D.Ac. - Ontario, Canada

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"When I started this course at ICMT I was really very new to metaphysics, however, I was keen to learn more about the area and it really has been a big learning journey for me. I particularly enjoyed the bachelors [program] - all of the readings were really excellent and thought provoking. There is no obligation to follow or subscribe to a particular religious or spiritual viewpoint. 

It has proved extremely enlightening to me enabling me to gain an understanding and a knowledge about the various areas of metaphysics explored - it was also extremely valuable to have the freedom to expand on it and to go in my own learning direction, inspired to explore the subject area beyond the set reading material as I felt free to do so. 

It was an experience that has certainly changed my thinking and I am sure will last me as a solid opening door into lifetime learning - as it has opened my eyes to a broader view of life. It has also, importantly for me, helped me to release the idea of a particular path as being the only answer - now I can honestly see and feel free to explore more of breadth of ideas that we as humans have access to without feeling guilty or needing to accept everything that one particular system of thought says we should accept. I have to thank you for that."

~ Patrick Stacey, D.MT. - France ~ 

"I have been attending the International College of Metaphysical Theology for the past year. Yes, I said attending. Even though the assignments are completed from a distance, the closeness of the faculty is just a phone call or e-mail away. I have been given more attention from the faculty of ICMT than I received from instructors I had in large universities, sitting in their classes.

In addition to the kindness of the faculty the curriculum is outstanding. The wide range of subjects covered has opened my eyes to new things and to new ways of looking at old things in my life. In other words the studies have changed my life. I am less judgmental, more patient, and more tolerable of people in my life. I go to work with a better attitude and communicate with my family and friends in a new way. I now see more similarities than differences in other cultures and religions. Being a student at ICMT provides an opportunity for personal growth."

~ Gloria D. Roberts, RN, BS, HP (ASCP) ~

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"As a psychologist, author and artist for many years, it has been my privilege to specialize in treating traumatized individuals from all walks of life. They taught me a valuable principle: the final stage of healing is reclaiming the spirit, that spiritual part of humankind that is often damaged by traumatic experience, regardless of religious beliefs. The amazing visual art products, created by these individuals, merge with sensory elements at the core of their being. Although spiritual phenomenon and metaphysics are not yet scientific fact, clinical experience suggests an invisible force and process that is mysteriously compelling. The inspired choreography of the metaphysician initiates the interactive dance of the spirit, the mind and the physical. Harmony within the soul is the invisible current that flows in, over and around the visible and the physical, the energy: transformative. 

The International College of Metaphysical Theology (ICMT) offers an educational program to prepare students to meet the challenges of today and beyond. Study focuses on the philosophy of the ancients to link and merge current technology, recent discoveries and centuries·old wisdom. This integrated approach to the healing arts satisfies the soul, synthesizes brain function through meditative exercises, and fine tunes body response to better manage post modern stress. The motivation of ICMT is to inspire knowledge of the spiritual; the mission is to harmonize the cacophonous nature of life's struggles."

~ Dee Spring, Ph.D. ~

"I intend to use what I've learned on a moment to moment basis. What better education could I have received than being pointed to this kind of truth?"  

~ Francesca O. - Washington, USA ~

"The International College of Metaphysical Theology has the best curriculum I've seen for studying metaphysical subject matter. In the 25 years that I've taught metaphysics, philosophy, and related subjects, I have seen many schools that provided a "pop-culture" approach, but no real practical knowledge. ICMT provides a solid background in traditional studies as well as classes that develop the intuitive part of self. My experience has shown that this is an important balance that must take place when studying material that stretches one's concepts of reality and how the universe functions. I can highly recommend ICMT as a course of study that blends traditional and non-traditional subjects into a dynamic, and acclaimed program."

~ Jane L. Robertson, D.D. ~ 

Author of: Metaphysical Primer: A Guide to Understanding Metaphysics

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