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The International College of Metaphysical Theology is a non-profit distance learning college. Students study at their own pace while they continue to work, stay at home, or travel. The International College of Metaphysical Theology brings a new level of quality to to the field of metaphysics.

The The International College of Metaphysical Theology welcomes students from all across the globe. There are no issues with time-zone differences, as the great majority of communication during the program is accomplished via e-mail and the Internet. All required textbooks are included in the tuition cost and are sent to students by postal mail - or, in some cases, provided in e-book format from our private Online Student Center website. Supplementary and other recommended reading materials are easily found at book stores and libraries.

The ICMT degree program levels each have unique requirements. The bachelors degree program is designed to be a foundational degree. In other words, the material presented and course-work completed will cover a wide breadth of metaphysical topics and views.

The International College of Metaphysical Theology continues to grow each day as new students from around the world begin this exciting educational journey. Our degree programs are unique in the field of metaphysics, in that they require the student to think, rather than simply memorize information, or mindlessly repeat the ideas of others.

The Bachelors Degree program has been designed to provide the student with a wide base of knowledge in the breadth of metaphysical topics.

Graduate degree programs are both research-based and customized toward the interests of the graduate student. The student and his/her faculty advisor(s) will together determine the required reading that will be appropriate.

The Masters Degree program has been designed to allow the graduate to refine and target their areas of study in metaphysics and present their ideas by way of the masters thesis.

The doctoral program allows the graduate to further refine their focus area and target a very specific area in the metaphysical field, culminating in the doctoral dissertation project.


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Your search for a metaphysical college degree has brought you to ICMT. Welcome! The International College of Metaphysical Theology is will helo you to realize spiritual knowledge and enlightenment in the field of Metaphysics. You will embark on the path toward dicovering your true self and gain the confidence necessary to help others.

Choosing to earn a degree in the Metaphysical field is an important decision. If you have a question that is not answered on this website, we encourage you to use our live student support system.

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